More great results!

August 3, 2017 By erinison

Keeper and Oscar have both continued their winning ways recently with classes in group and Keeper converting one to a Reserve Neuter in Show under a Beagle Specialist!

Oscar continues to consistently receive the reserve challenges behind two Supreme Champions and has on a few occasions, beaten his Grandmother for Runner Up Best of Breed!

I’m so extremely proud of how these two boys are showing! Oscar took a back seat while I was showing Dinnies (… more on that soon!) and hasn’t really been shown much. But lately he’s certainly making his presence felt! I look forward to what the future holds for Oscar!

Abby and Noosha are on a roll with winning the Bitch Challenge points and we are edging ever so closer to her Grand Championship Title!

Keeper winning Neuter in Show at The Hound Club of QLD
Keeper winning Reserve Neuter in Show under Beagle Specialist, Mr Peerapong Pisitwuttinan
Oscar winning 1st in Puppy Sweepstakes under Ms C Gunn