The power of photography

July 14, 2017 By erinison
Photo by Alicia Adamopoulos

Being behind the camera most of the time, there are never really photos of me with my dogs, other than selfies and dog show win photos.

Nearly 10 years ago, Alicia and Alex Kennison from (then) Savvy Studios photographed our wedding on the 07/07/07. I desperately wanted our little girls in the photos, but family and friends said that was silly. What if they barked? What if they jumped on my dress? My response was “who cares!” So I never got those wedding photos with my girls on our wedding day.

Nearly 10 years on, Sally and Leia are still here. While they are aging, and ailing… they are still here. I wanted to capture them in their senior years, and how I want to remember them for eternity.

When they are gone, photos are all you have. Don’t wait, go out there and get those photos done if you want them!

I can’t thank Alicia enough for creating these amazing photos and giving me some wonderful memories that I will treasure, forever.