Asalei Golden Elixir (AI)

Sire: Ch Simonaland Bonacure
Dam: Ch Houndmaster Gold Threads

Factor FVIICarrier
Cone-Rod Dystrophy IPRA (CORD I) – Carrier
EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)Clear
Congenital Stationary Night BlindnessClear
Degenerative MyelopathyClear
Catalase DeficiencyCarrier
Lafora EpilepsyClear
Coat Colour (Dilute)D/D Full color, no dilute gene present
Coat Colour (E Locus)E/E, Dominant Black, does not carry yellow/red/white
Coat Colour (Brown)Does not carry brown or chocolate
Black Hair Follicular DysplasiaCarrier – Carrying one copy of the phenotype
Coat Colour Dilution AlopeciaNegative, not showing the phenotype

Boris, aka Boz

I had been planning this litter for a litter while after jumping through hoops to import the semen of the sire, Bonacure. Unfortunately it wasn’t registered in time for me to use the previous year, so I used the lovely Zeus instead. This was a lovely litter and produced my baby girl Callie.

Boris was the first born and took a while to get breathing properly. It was the middle of the night and I made a frantic phone call to some friends in the USA who were also whelping a litter at the same time to ask what I could do to get him breathing properly. In times of panic, you forget the simple things that you realise you knew anyway. Boris started breathing properly, and it wasn’t long before I was passing him off to catch his litter mate.

Boris is so full of life, love and happiness. His personality is just gorgeous and is always so happy to see you, BUT, he must greet you with something in his mouth. Whether it’s Callie’s ear, a toy, a stick, or a simple piece of rubbish… there has to be something.

Unfortunately on the show scene, Boris hasn’t had many shows due to an “incident” when he was 4 months old, and when he finally got back to shows early this year, COVID hit. All up, I think he’s attended about 5 shows.

Show’s or no shows, we love our little Bori. Due to the importing of the semen, the surgical AI and the “incident”, Boris has certainly cost us a lot of money, but we wouldn’t be without him. Never ceasing to put a smile on our face whether he’s being “Sad Lad” or “Happy Lad”… there’s also “Naughty Lad” and “Hungry Lad” in there as well.

He’s our Boris, and we are so thankful to have him here with us.

We must once again thank Dr Phil Thomas and Dr Xavier Schneider of QVS for helping to conceive this litter, and to Dr David Burgess for saving his life. You guys all rock! Boris thinks you are pretty spesh too 😉

We look forward to what the future holds for Boris, if we ever get back to dog shows!