Introducing…. CH Dins!

August 3, 2017 By erinison

If you’ve been following my posts on the blog, our little “Tan Head”, or Dinnies to us, can now Officially be know as Australia Champion Asalei Monkey Shenanigans (AI).

Dinnies is a very sound dog, with lovely sound movement, reaching side gait, solid topline, gorgeous pleading expression, and a gay tail. The gay tail let him down, and whilst it is a fault in the standard, no dog is perfect. I felt Dinnies had a lot of things right, that others have wrong and deserved to gain his title. I just needed to find those judges who saw his positive virtues, over his gay tail. The challenge points he did receive were quite large ones and he earned his title in style with a Best of Breed over his mother, and Australian Bred in Group under Mr Graham Kerr. Mr Kerr has previously had beagles and exclaimed how gorgeous Dinnies head was and the pleading expression he has.

I decided to keep Dinnies and continue showing him, as while yes, he does have a gay tail, he has many other great points, along with the best health testing results out of all my dogs.

Here’s to 🌟Champion Asalei Monkey Shenanigans (AI) 🌟! Abby’s second champion progeny and our second home bred Champion!