Ch Houndmaster Gold Threads

Date of Birth: 14th August, 2014

Sire: Ch FontePosca’s Dark Fashion (Imp Italy)
Dam: Ch Houndmaster Finnish Gold (AI)

Factor VIIAt Risk
Cone-Rod Dystrophy IPRA (CORD I) – Clear
Congenital Stationary Night BlindnessClear
Degenerative MyelopathyClear
Catalase DeficiencyClear
Lafora EpilepsyCarrier

Poppy, aka Pop

Having had to re-home my only bitches from our foundation bitch, Abby and having no bitches to continue breeding with, I knew I needed to source a bitch to continue with. Having had difficulties in the past and seeing others have issues with co-ownerships and conditions, we knew we needed to purchase a bitch outright, with no conditions, and no strings attached. I approached Poppy’s breeder to enquire about the possibility of leasing her to have a litter with our first home bred Champion Bo (Ch Asalei Finders Keepers), who is a nephew of Poppy. I was advised that the only way I could have Poppy was to purchase her outright. Outright it was, and Poppy joined our pack in March, 2016.

She has loved every minute with her new pack, and her new acre to run around on. I think she will be an eternal puppy, the pure joy and happiness she exudes from being able to run free and enjoy her toys and friends is infectious and you can’t help but smile at her. She is a lovable dog, who makes everyone fall in love with her when they meet her. Anyone that meets her says how gorgeous she is. The smallest of our beagles, but she has sure made an impact.

Poppy was our consistent winner at the 2016 Beagle National in Sydney, Australia with a placing in both the 100th Championship show, and the 12th Beagle National in a large intermediate class.

We look forward to great results in the future with Poppy both in the whelping box, and in the show ring. She has produced well with her first litter, and we look forward to seeing what she produces in the future.