Best friends…

May 5, 2020 By erinison

When Oscar was born, I really felt for him as we didn’t really have any puppies around the same age as him to play with and keep him entertained. This definitely showed in how destructive he was. We took on a sweet little girl called Matilda from Christophe and Leanne at Beagelee for a few months to show her. Oscar and Tilly got on so well. When Tilly went back, I’m sure Oscar has hated me since.

When Callie came along, I thought great! Oscar will take Callie under his wing and they will be best friends. WRONG. Oscar hated her, hated all the baby puppies, had absolutely no interest in them at all. So poor Callie only had her mum to play with as she was growing up. I brought Callie to work with me to socialise her and give her something to do. I always felt so sorry for her, not having her brother interested in even playing one little game with her. I promised her with the next litter, I’d give her a very best friend.

When Poppy had her last litter, Callie was desperate to get in and see the puppies, but Poppy didn’t allow anyone near them. This isn’t uncommon, it’s the mum protecting their babies. Once they come out to the lounge room to start socialising with everyone else, Poppy lets go of the reigns a bit and hands them over to everyone else to look after. When Callie first met the puppies, she was so shy, she ran away and hid inside. This was not going as planned at all!! After a few days, she came around and from there… we couldn’t get her away from them. She played with them every chance she could. I think the puppies thought she was their mother and not Poppy!

Callie was beside herself with the babies. As they left one after the other, I’m sure she was worried she’d have none left. But we kept Boris. Since this day, Boris and Callie have been the best of friends. During Christmas 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we had quite a scare with Boris and poor Callie thought she’d lost her brother again with how often and long he’d been away from home. But he pulled through and came home.

They’ve been inseparable ever since…

I promised Callie a best friend, and I think I delivered.