April 27, 2020 By erinison

Well here we are… what can I say? It’s nearly May and we’ve been in isolation for over a month now. Who would have ever thought that this would happen in our life time?

Our business is still ticking over, albeit slowly. We are definitely not having any puppies while this craziness is going on. It’s hard enough getting a dog to a normal vet visit, let alone going through a pregnancy with the breeding, check ups, scans.. possibility for a caesarian section. That’s even before the puppies arrive!

As our puppy owners can attest to, we do a LOT of socialisation with our puppies. We are very picky about who purchases our puppies, so meeting people and identifying if they are the correct family for a puppy is very important to us. In these current times, this can’t happen. It is a huge detriment to the puppies socialisation and up bringing to not be able to do these things, as it all aids in providing them with the ability to deal with the big wide world beyond the confines of our house.

But life for our puppies is still somewhat the same. Sleeping on the lounge, snoozing in the sun. Chasing the drone, but more importantly, chasing the remote control car! But, we must practice social distancing while doing so.

We do miss our friends coming to visit though 🙁

So if you are looking for puppies, keep searching as we don’t/won’t have any for quite a while sorry!