It’s been a while…

November 15, 2018 By erinison

How quickly is this year passing us by? I feel like I could sleep for a week!

In August, our gorgeous Poppy had her second litter through surgical AI to Zeus. I decided to use Zeus for her second litter as his DNA tests came back as clear for everything I tested for. I needed a dog with clear DNA results, particularly for NCCD and Lafora Epilepsy, as Poppy is carrier for both of those. Another reason I chose to use Zeus, is he seems to produce leg in his progeny, and I feel this is something I need in my beagles.

Poppy had a very long labour, 33 hours to be exact. I was in consultation with Dr Phil Thomas through her labour and he was comfortable to let her keep going. She was progressing, and not showing any signs of distress, other than normal labour signs. She started shivering and panting on Tuesday, 7th August which was her due date. She laboured through the night, and through all of Wednesday. With no discharge, or distress, I was happy to monitor her and let her go. On Wednesday night, her contractions were very strong. Her little stomach was just a ball of contraction. I again phoned Dr Thomas and he was still ok to let her proceed. I gave her a cut off of 6am to start doing something, before I threw her in the car to bear traffic, and head to the vet.

5am, she started pushing, and by 6:10 she’d passed an empty sack. By 7:50am, she had naturally whelped 5 beautiful little puppies. Four boys, and one girl. I had words with Poppy after the 4th boy, telling her she better be giving me a girl!!

Unfortunately one of the boys had to be put to sleep at 5 weeks and 1 day. I will post separately about him.

The babies are now over 3 months old, and ready to enter the big bad world! I look forward to showing my new little princess Callie, and seeing how she develops with time.

Artie and Sammie have gone to have life long adventures together and Brian (or Hercie to us!) has gone to live with a family who has his half sister Georgie. We wish all our babies a life full of adventures, fun, love and cuddles xo