It’s been three months…

November 28, 2017 By erinison

… and the pain is still unbelievably strong. When people spoke about their “heart dogs”, I just thought I loved each of my dogs. Well, I do, but maybe in different ways. Andrew and I both feel a huge sense of loss with Leia being gone. It’s so quiet at home, our arms don’t have scratch marks from wanting demanding to be patted. Our bed is empty from where she would stretch out and snore her little head off. But, we must move on, right?

I wish I could get over the loss as easily as our pack seems to have. I think they’ve grieved and just moved on. Whilst I have grieved, and I have moved forward, the sense of loss is like nothing else. I miss her so much. Time doesn’t stop for no one.

On Sunday, it was their 11th birthday. As hard as this day was, I put on my big girl pants, my brave face, held back those tears and we went to the beach for a sunset run. I love being able to take these photos and capture the memories our minds will one day forget. Sally and Leia loved the beach, so what better way to celebrate Sally’s birthday than a trip to the Spit at Southport, Queensland.

My happy place, my heart.

Happy birthday Sally and Leia <3

My Bears – I hope they had a beach, a remote control car and grandma’s cupcakes for you over rainbow bridge.