Remembering our Dommie

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Published on: September 14, 2019

It’s been 12 months since you left this world. It was the most difficult decision we’ve faced, but we knew we were doing it for the right reasons, and had your best interests at heart. We know it was the right thing to do, but that doesn’t stop the pain. Nothing will erase that memory of you taking your final breaths in Daddy’s arms.

Dommie was the first born of a litter of 5. When I was drying him off, he was very vocal, and I noticed his head shape was different. I figure it was just because he was the first born, paving the way through the birth canal for the others. Whilst rubbing and rubbing, he was making a lot of noise and I thought at the time “Gee, he’s going to be a handful”… little did I know. As a newborn, there were very few signs he was different to the others, other than his head shape. In the first week, it wasn’t THAT different to the others. He was feeding and developing just like the others, putting on very good amounts of weight each day. He never missed a feed, and was very happy to feed from the rear nipples that no one else wanted to touch.

It was about that 1.5/2 week age that we noticed his head shape was quite domed and different. Whilst looking at him one day, I was feeling his head and noticed there was a big hole in his skull. Of course, we took straight to google, and the more we read about hydrocephalus, the more concerned we became. The only symptoms he didn’t meet, were the failure to develop and feed. He was the biggest gaining puppy, so what was going on? We consulted specialists vets who advised that the only way to definitely know was to do an ultrasound of his head. We discussed this, and decided that we would just let him be and see what happened. We didn’t want any invasive investigations. He was happy, warm, fed and loved.

As he developed, it was obvious there were more issues than we hoped when his eyes opened. They were looking in different ways, and one eye looked very odd. It was obvious he could hear us, but we weren’t sure he could see us. Once his personality started to develop, it was clear he was “different” to the others. His play was quite erratic, he would seek our corners and once in them, not know how to get out.

Once we started to introduce solids, we realised that he couldn’t work out how to eat. He was getting very little food, and was only getting nutrition and food from Poppy’s milk. At this point, Poppy was starting to wean them and we were struggling to get him to eat. The other puppies were not wanting slop anymore, and more chunky food they could chew. This caused a few issues as the less Poppy was feeding, the less Dommie was getting.

The biggest changes we saw were between the 4 – 5 week mark. We started taking them outside to play on the grass, and the way he interacted with his siblings was VERY different. His play was very erratic, lunatic, quick and was asleep very quickly compared to the others. When outside, he would pounce along, not walk/gait/run like the others. He pounced on the clover and loved rolling around in it. Those are the images I will keep of him, having a ball in the clover.

At 5 weeks of age, and his symptoms becoming more prevalent and his condition declining due to not knowing how to eat, and Poppy weaning, we decided the best thing for him would be to put him to sleep. We knew what the future held, and not knowing how long we would have him, it only meant pain and suffering for him. Even if we took the option of surgery, they would have to be frequent ones to keep adjusting a stent to cope with his growing body. What kind of life is that for a beautiful boy? Pain, suffering, surgery, with the inevitable being seizures and death. We decided that we would not put him through that, and he would only know love, warmth, happiness and fun.

We hope you found Sally and Leia over rainbow bridge beautiful boy. They loved raising puppies with us, and I’m sure they needed you over rainbow bridge to teach their lessons to.

Dommie – 09/08/2018 to 14/09/2019

Exiting times ahead…

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Published on: July 31, 2019

We are very excited to share the news that Poppy has been confirmed in whelp with her 3rd and final litter. We have been so pleased with the temperaments and personalities on all of Poppy’s progeny, that we decided to have a final litter with semen I’ve imported form Russia/Poland.

Without the expertise of Dr Philip Thomas and the staff at Queensland Veterinary Specialists (QVS), these litters would not be possible. Phil keeps telling me to go and buy a lotto ticket. This is the third successful AI that he has achieved for me, from less than desirable semen quality.

The sire of this litter is International Champion Simonaland Bonacure. He is bred, owned and loved by Maria Semenova in Russia. Bonacure brings some new lines, along with tieing in with the lines we already have. Most important of all though, he has tested clear for all the common diseases that beagle’s can be tested for. We are still waiting on the results for PRA and EIC through Orivet.

Int Ch Simonaland Bonacure x Ch Houndmaster Gold Threads
Confirmed pregnancy

Champion Koosi!

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Published on: July 30, 2019

A good few weeks this year, with Oscar also obtaining enough points to be awarded his Australian Championship Title.

We love this boy, our very own BFG. Oscar has lots of names, from… Oscar, to Koos, to Koosi, to Osk koos koos, to Koostipher Robin, to Robin… I’m sure he get confused by which name is actually his, but he will always greet you with a big stretch and a tail wag. Just a gorgeous boy, who just wants love and attention.

Oscar is our 3rd home bred champion for Asalei. The first champion for dad Bo (Ch Asalei Golden Keepsake) and Poppy (Ch Houndmaster Gold Threads).

Australian Champion Asalei Golden Keepsake

Grand Champion Monkey!

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Published on: July 30, 2019

9.5 years ago, I started showing beagles. Well, a beagle. One to be exact. A VERY novice me, a baby puppy Abby (or Monkey to her friends), and a show world we really knew nothing about.

Fast forward 9.5 years, and over the past few years, my gorgeous friend Noosha has taken over showing Abby as I just couldn’t keep up with her anymore, and wasn’t doing her any favours with showing her to the best of her ability. My ability was certainly lacking, and Abby knew that and kept waiting up for me, which ruined her when the judges were looking at her. That’s when I knew if we were going to get this Grand Championship title, I needed to hand over the lead.

Noosha is amazing, there’s nothing else I could say. Well, there’s lots, but it all just amounts to her being amazing. She would come to shows, even when she wasn’t entered herself, to help me. Help me achieve this “dream” I had of my first show dog obtaining enough points (1000) to obtain the title. Freezing cold shows, late night shows, hot summer shows, she was there! I have SO much to thank her for. Because, without her, Abby would certainly not have got there.

So, I am immensely proud to introduce to you:

Grand Champion Baldev Blonde Bombshell

Gr Ch Baldev Blonde Bombshell – Judge: Ms Linda Field

The judge who awarded Abby her final points, also awarded her Runner Up Best In Group. The judge was Ms Linda Field, a beagle specialist judge. From an early age when Abby was in Junior class, Linda awarded Abby Best of Breed and Junior in Group. I knew Linda loved Abby and thought it was very fitting and hoped that it would be her to be the one to award Abby her final points for her title. What a wonderful end to Abby’s showing career.

Abby is now neutered (what a semi retirement present hey!) and will make appearances at bigger shows, specialties, royals, specialist judges as a neuter, but she won’t be shown all the time. Fortunately, she still loves being out there, and being given her chicken nuggets. I feel it would be awful of me to leave her at home, when she still loves showing.

Thank you to all the judges who have awarded my beautiful girl over the past 9.5 years. A special thank you to those other handlers who have helped me handle Abby when I couldn’t.

She is one special girl to me, and always will be. What a ride and experience she’s given me.

Where has this year gone….

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Published on: July 30, 2019

Will you look at that! Last time I updated this website was the beginning of the year, but I swear it was only yesterday!

Lots of exciting things have happened, with more still to come! I’ll update them individually. Stay tuned…..

Will you look at that!

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Published on: January 2, 2019

2018 has passed us by in the blink of an eye. We would like to wish everyone, especially our puppy owners a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and Happy 2019. Live, love, wag!

We don’t have many results show wise to reflect upon in 2018, as we didn’t show as much as previous years. Poppy’s litter took up a lot of our time, as did running our business. Unfortunately we did lose a puppy this year in our little Dommie. Although it was heartbreaking to lose Dommie from our precious litter, we’ve gained two new families into the Asalei fold through the new owners of Brian and Sammie and Artie. We are very blessed to have such wonderful owners of our puppies. But, as other owners will attest, we do ensure those we entrust with our puppies are the right fit for not only the puppy, but us as well.

Hopefully 2019 will see us attending more shows. I have two goals in 2019 and that’s to get the final points for Abby’s Grand Championship, and title Oscar.

We hope you all have a wonderful, and fun filled adventurous 2019 with your beagles.


It’s been a while…

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Published on: November 15, 2018

How quickly is this year passing us by? I feel like I could sleep for a week!

In August, our gorgeous Poppy had her second litter through surgical AI to Zeus. I decided to use Zeus for her second litter as his DNA tests came back as clear for everything I tested for. I needed a dog with clear DNA results, particularly for NCCD and Lafora Epilepsy, as Poppy is carrier for both of those. Another reason I chose to use Zeus, is he seems to produce leg in his progeny, and I feel this is something I need in my beagles.

Poppy had a very long labour, 33 hours to be exact. I was in consultation with Dr Phil Thomas through her labour and he was comfortable to let her keep going. She was progressing, and not showing any signs of distress, other than normal labour signs. She started shivering and panting on Tuesday, 7th August which was her due date. She laboured through the night, and through all of Wednesday. With no discharge, or distress, I was happy to monitor her and let her go. On Wednesday night, her contractions were very strong. Her little stomach was just a ball of contraction. I again phoned Dr Thomas and he was still ok to let her proceed. I gave her a cut off of 6am to start doing something, before I threw her in the car to bear traffic, and head to the vet.

5am, she started pushing, and by 6:10 she’d passed an empty sack. By 7:50am, she had naturally whelped 5 beautiful little puppies. Four boys, and one girl. I had words with Poppy after the 4th boy, telling her she better be giving me a girl!!

Unfortunately one of the boys had to be put to sleep at 5 weeks and 1 day. I will post separately about him.

The babies are now over 3 months old, and ready to enter the big bad world! I look forward to showing my new little princess Callie, and seeing how she develops with time.

Artie and Sammie have gone to have life long adventures together and Brian (or Hercie to us!) has gone to live with a family who has his half sister Georgie. We wish all our babies a life full of adventures, fun, love and cuddles xo


Life must go on

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Published on: July 24, 2018

Sometimes, it’s very hard to face the fact that life must go on. Unfortunately, it must, and without Sally and Leia in it. It’s been nearly 12 months since we lost Leia, and 7 months since we lost Sally. I still can’t think about them without getting teary. I certainly can’t look at photos of them without bursting into tears. It really is amazing how much a dog can impact your life. I never thought, all those years ago, when we brought those two naughty little puppies home, that our whole life would be impacted by them. The direction we took, the decisions we made… They all revolved around these two small puppies, which quite quickly became four, six, nine little puppies.

With life moving on, we decided it was cool enough to start attending some shows. Abby has had some wonderful recent wins with her gorgeous friend Noosha! I’m so proud of these two, and the points they are picking up. We are edging ever so close to her Grand Championship. One day, not long ago, that was just a dream. Imagine, my first show dog. A girl who I have such an amazing bond with, going on to get her Grand Championship? It’s closer than just a dream now, and the closer that dream becomes to reality, the more reality hits me in the face and I start crying. Why? Because it means that part of our journey will be over. It means Abby won’t be gracing the show ring and competing for challenge points anymore. But by gee, what wonderful wins and memories we’ve had along the way. Wins I know my gorgeous girl won because they judge loved her. Not me, not Noosha, but they genuinely thought Abby was worth awarding. The day that dream is achieved will be emotional, on so many levels. But Abby won’t know, she’ll just wonder why her mummy is a sobbing mess. She’ll still be jumping around like a fool, just wanting that little morsel of chicken nugget.

Because, Monkey, you did great!

CH Baldev Blonde Bombshell


Keeper also decided to get off the lounge and head on out to The Hound Club of QLD Championship show and won Neuter In Show under Ms J Townsend (NZ). This is the second year in a row that Keeper has won Neuter in Show at the Hound Club! I haven’t shown him much this year due to health issues, and concentrating on Abby… but he might need to make another few appearances shortly!

CH & Neuter CH Beagelee Keep The Spirit


Ode to Two Small Puppies

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Published on: January 16, 2018


In memory of Sally & Leia Ison, the original Two Small Puppies.

They spent their entire lives together, and now will be together forever over Rainbow Bridge.

We passed so many milestones with Sally and Leia by our side – we bought a house, we got married, we moved house, we sold a house, we bought a business. They travelled interstate with us in a Mitsubishi Mirage, a Subaru Forester and a Hyuandai iMax. They learned tricks to entertain visitors at pet expos. They showed us the pure happiness of Beagles off-lead at the beach. They kept a dozen foster dogs company, they welcomed another 7 dogs in to our lives, and they did it all together as constant companions.

They were meant to live so much longer. They were supposed to get old together, get cantankerous together and start telling off the young whipper snappers together. But cancer took them from us too soon.

We take solace in the fact they remain together.

We miss you Wally and Bear.

They are meant to live forever…

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Published on: January 3, 2018


Life can be so cruel. I can’t believe here I am, 4 months after losing Leia, that I’m now paying tribute to our beautiful Sally “Wally Wals” Ison. Our beautiful sisters. The ones responsible for all this.

On the Thursday before Christmas, Sally was devastatingly diagnosed with Lymphoma. The vet informed us she had 4 to 8 weeks to live. We never had the chance with Leia to do her favourite things before she passed. In this sad time, we were thankful to be given an opportunity to make that up and give Sally some great days doing her favourite things. These things included snacks (she was a beagle after all), the beach and running the car.

Unfortunately, the universe had other ideas. We were fortunate that we were able to take Sally to the beach on Christmas eve with her friends, and Christmas Day with her pack. During Christmas day, Sally deteriorated. I was hoping she was just not happy with the approaching storms on Christmas night. Wouldn’t it have been nice if that was the case.

At midnight, she woke me up panting and trembling, and I knew what this meant, but I didn’t want to believe it. I just couldn’t believe after 4 months, we were going through the exact same thing. I tried to offer her food to take a pain killer, but she turned her nose up. We wanted to say goodbye to Sally at home, surrounded by her family, but that wasn’t meant to be.

If I had of known we had days, not weeks, I wouldn’t have let you go. I would have hugged you and kissed you endlessly so you knew how much we loved you.

Sally was the beautiful, dignified lady of our pack. She was top dog and led the morning chorus for breakfast, was always first off lead at the beach, loved her toys, and as each new generation of Asalei beagles was introduced, she was first to teach them manners.

She was a loved member of the family and she will be greatly missed.

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