Asalei Keepin Up Appearances

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Flo is the very first beagle born to our prefix, Asalei, and will always have a very special place in our hearts. Whilst she hasn’t turned out for the show ring, she has certainly wormed her way into our our lives forever! Unfortunately with her beautiful head, pleading dark eyes and gorgeous personality, we are unable to let her go and put her in a pet home.

She never ceases to make us smile and laugh at her stupid antics. She hates getting into trouble and turns into a wiggling mess when we rouse at her. Nothing is ever the fault of naughty little Flo. It’s always someone else’s fault. The house cameras don’t lie, we know how naughty this girl is, but it makes her who she is. It’s very hard to be mad at that gorgeous little head with her sorry eyes and wiggling body.

In the short show career Flo had in baby class, we achieved our first home bred Best Baby in Show at an all breeds show under Mr R Carpenter at the Northern Classic Kennel Club. Flo won a few Baby in Groups, but it was evident her brother was the showman and Flo is happy to give him “what for” at home when he returns from his showing adventures.



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