Aust Ch Asalei Golden Keepsake

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Date of Birth: 07th August, 2016

Sire: Ch Asalei Finders Keepers
Dam: Ch Houndmaster Gold Threads

Pedigree – Asalei Golden Keepsake

Factor FVII – Affected (by parentage)
Lafora Epilepsy – Carrier
MLS – Clear (by parentage)
IGS – Clear (by parentage)
NCCD – Clear
POAG – Clear
PKDef – Clear
Congenital Stationary Night Blindness – Clear
Cone-Rod Dystrophy I – PRA (CORD I) – Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy – Clear
Catalase Deficiency – Clear

Colour (Dilute) – D/D Full color, no dilute gene present
Colour (E Locus) – E/e, 1 copy of black and 1 copy of red/yellow/cream

Ch Asalei Golden Keepsake

We are very excited for the future with the addition of Oscar to our show team. With an amazing pedigree, and superb conformation and temperament to match, we hope to have a lot of fun with this boy in the show ring.

Watch this space!

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