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Kong wins Baby In Show!

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Published on: July 31, 2015

Andrew and I decided to drive down to the NSW specialties this year. This was good because it meant I could take a few dogs down with me! Abby had other ideas, coming into season a few days prior to the specialty! Great. Luckily Bo doesn’t care so much about all that yet as he doesn’t know what it means.

We took Abby, Bo, Kong and Trixie to Sydney with some great results! On Saturday under Mr Deryck Player (Lyndex Beagles, UK), Abby was 4th in Open class, and Kong was placed 1st in Baby Puppy Dog. Andrew loves this dog and told me he’s a Baby in Show winner for sure! He was right with Flo, but Andrew picks a dog on their personality… and I’ll give him that. Flo and Kong both have gorgeous personalities 🙂 The weather on the Saturday was just awful. Raining, Windy and Cold. Three things I hate about weather. When I put Kong back into the car after his class, he was shivering so bad. Andrew wrapped him up in a blanket to warm him up.

We went back into the ring for Baby in Show and lo and behold, Mr Player awarded our little boy, Baby in Show. It was quite an emotional win for me, as I had won this same award with his mummy, 5 years prior at our first specialty weekend together. It was such an honour to win our first Baby In Show with a home bred baby.

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On Sunday at the 99th Championship Show, Kong again won his class, and was awarded Opposite Baby Puppy in Show. So a fantastic weekend for our little man! Abby placed 2nd in Open Bitch class and Bo was 4th in Intermediate dog. Trixie enjoyed herself 🙂

IMG_2323-2 copy2

Overall, a fantastic weekend for our little boy and his mummy!

So much has happened…

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Published on: July 31, 2015

Wow, it’s become quite clear that I suck at updating our website. It’s been 9 months since the update and a lot has certainly happened in that time!

We have only had two litters, but our recent litter was a lot different to the first. It made the first seem like a dream. At two weeks, a special little boy started to fall behind. I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotionally and physically exhausted in my whole life. Poor Andrew, he would come home from long days at work, to me in a state and a sick puppy. After numerous vet visits in the wee hours of the morning (Thank you Eden & Andrew!), and friends giving us advice and equipment, we seemed to manage to get him through. I believe the key was keeping him hydrated through this time. Without that, I’m most certain we would have lost him. A more specific explanation on “Spotty” can be found here.

After finally getting Spotty back on track, things turned bad for my gorgeous girl. On the 1st of December, our nightmare continued… I’ll write that in a separate post too!

The babies all went off to their new homes. Red and Jasper with a lovely family on the Gold Coast. Spotty (now Charlie) went to a home with one of the puppies from our first litter. Two went to Melbourne, and we kept two, with one returning from Melbourne. So, we have three of the litter of 7. *sigh* We sure do suck at this breeding thing.

On to the next update!

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